J/70s one-design sailboats- startingWelcome to the 2015 J/70 World Championship

(La Rochelle, France)- In the three and a half years since being introduced, the J/70 has not only become one of the most popular and competitive classes in the world – with 800+ boats sailing in 25+ countries – it has been chosen European Boat of the Year 2014, Sailing World’s 2014 Boat of the Year and also been designated an International Class by ISAF (International Sailing Federation).  Over 100 teams – representing up to 18 countries – are expected to compete for the championship title during the second world championship of this exciting new one-design class.

The Societe Des Regates La Rochelaises is looking forward to hosting the event for the first time in Europe. 

La Rochelle is famous for hosting major sailing events, from Olympics Classes to large offshore event.  The waters and sailing conditions are challenging and sailors will also enjoy the famous hospitality of the historic seaport community. Photo courtesy- Onne Vanderwal.com.